1:We offer whelping service for bulldogs. This includes the vet service with Belton Vet Clinic in Belton, Texas. All females must be brought to us on day 60 to be taken to our vet for X-ray for proof of puppies, and to be registered has a patient with them.  After the first visit  Mom is to be left with us, you will get daily updates and notified when she is in labor and heading to the vet for delivery by c-section. Once puppies are born you will receive pictures of Mom and babies. They will then come to our home for 24/7  around the clock monitoring of Mom and babies. You are welcome to visit anytime and to get daily updates and pictures.  It will be up to each fur parent to sell the puppies, we will help at an extra cost, but all deliveries of puppies to there new homes will be up to owner of Mom. Once the puppies are weened and ready for first set of  shots and cleared has healthy then they may go home with the owner of Mom, this is usually at 6 to 7 weeks old.. We recommend all puppies be at least 8 to 10 weeks before separating them from their siblings and Mom. This is the best option so Mom to be can get use to us and her new temporary home.

2: You can have your vet delivery the puppies, if within 4 hours from us, we will come to you transport Mom and babies to our home, by incubator and a bed for mom.  If you choose this option it will be an extra charge for the traveling.  If this is the way you chose for us to do postpartum care , the puppies will still be with us until weened and ready for first set of shots, this is usually about 6 to 7 weeks old.

3: If you live more than 4 hours from us, we require Mom to deliver with our vet so option 1 is the only choice.